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10 of the Best House Numbers

Door numbers

Hi All,

I hope you have had a lovely week so far!

One thing I love about Britain are the vast number of different coloured front doors, door knockers and house numbers that you find on every street. No two are the same and I love seeing how adventurous some people are with their colour choices. So, I thought I’d show you some of my favourite house numbers that could complement the many front doors out there in the UK.

Hopefully you’ll agree that there is something for everyone in the round-up above. I’m particularly fond of item number 4- the mid-century ones. They are made of vitreous porcelain clay and are suitable for both indoors and out. They wouldn’t look out of place in an amazing 60’s property or even on the front door of the Flinstones!

I also have a soft spot for item number 9. They are sourced from old Soviet buildings and are available from this etsy store. And there is no denying the beautiful craftsmanship that has gone into the smooth timber numerals from Another Country (item number 10). Those talented guys always put quality above anything else!

Which one is your favourite?


1. Ceramic House Tile, SoMiTileworks at Etsy | 2. Slate tile, Homebase | 3. Flowering Brass house sign, Anthropologie | 4. Handmade Prairie tile, PrairieMileTile at Etsy | 5. French metal door signs, I Love Retro at Notonthehighstreet | 6. Art Deco House Sign, Lumley Designs | 7. Illuminated Sign Light Lamp, eBay | 8. Carlisle Brass door number, Leader Stores | 9. Vintage Soviet sign, 888 Vintage Shoppe at Etsy | 10. House numerals, Another Country.


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