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10 of the best greeting cards

I am such a sucker for a beautiful greeting card. It all started when my parents would always make my sister and I open the cards and read them before we opened our gifts, then my partner and I had a long distance courtship for the first six months of our relationship and we sent each other lovely cards every week (yes, we are one of those couples…), and now I just collect cards because a) I’m a Stylist and obsessed with collecting all sorts of things (mostly things I don’t need) and b) there are so many beautiful ones out there that I often just buy them to hang on my wall.

Whatever the reason, here are my favourite ten cards of the moment!



Photography of no. 3 taken by David Cleveland

1. Puppy love, Bespoke Letterpress (AUS) | 2. Groom & Groom, Bloom Letterpress at Etsy | 3. Just a little note, Studio Sarah | 4. Mrs & Mrs, Idle Wild Co. at Etsy | 5. No. 1 Mum, Future and Found | 6. A little flutter, Hupa Lupa | 7. Monogrammed cards, Kate Spade at Quill London | 8. Happy Easter, Rifle paper Co. at Liberty | 9. Thanks! Rifle paper Co. at Liberty | 10. Thanks Shallot, Loveday designs at


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