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Bringing the outside in: Sydney


When I went on a holiday back home to Sydney earlier this year, I made sure we made a bee line to The Grounds of Alexandria– a new cafe/restaurant/coffee research and testing facility and urban sanctuary. We were not disappointed!

This specialty coffee-house sprung forth from an old pie warehouse from the early 1900’s and has blossomed into an urban mecca where local creatives go to….be creative, young families go to visit the monthly markets and where people generally just go to soak up the atmosphere. It is such an inspiring place!

Everywhere you look there is rustic charm, loads of upcycling, railway sleeper stacks to sit on, not to mention the vegetable and herb garden that their full-time horticulturist Erin Martin spends her time.  I took this picture in the garden, and it is one of the many sections of this organic haven. You can just take your coffee and sit anywhere you like and we chose the charming old conservatory to drink our flat white, of course.

If you want to bring a bit of The Grounds into your place, see the products above!

1. Tio Easy Chair by Mass Productions at Really Well Made, 2. Ficus Microcarpa, Ikea, 3. Brooklyn Tin Tiles Wallpaper, Rockett St George, 4. Ex MOD Marine Marker Lights, Skinflint Design, 5. Shipwood coffee table, Fashion For Home


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