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My Gorgeous New Rug!

We all know that rugs are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to transform any room (along with cushions or a new paint job.) So, when Alternative Flooring asked me to make my own rug using their new ‘rug maker’ section of their website I jumped on it as our old one was totally knackered due having a 21 month old that loves eating crackers in the sitting room and the odd nappy-changing disaster over the past 2 years…

To me Alternative Flooring has always been about bold patterns and strong colour as the first time I heard about them was when I worked at Livingetc magazine and they released their polka dot carpet and I had never seen anything like it! But it turns out they also sell wonderful natural carpets and rugs in sisal, coir, seagrass, jute and wool so they literally have something for everyone.

All it took to order it was for me to jump online here and in three steps the order was complete.

First what you do is choose your main pattern then your border style and your size and submit it! Easy as pie! (FYI, my favourite pie is rhubarb 😉

You can see from the image above (photo taken by Oli Douglas) that I went for a bold pattern A) because it goes so well with my built-in cupboard colour! and B) because it hides toddler stains really well (boring, but a fact!) Everything takes a beating from our energetic boy including our radiators which make an excellent runway for all his cars…

If you’re interested to know the exact design that you see here I chose the ‘Quirky B Cube Hawksmoor’ (designed brilliantly by Designer and Architect Ben Pentreath) and edged in a ‘whipped’ border in Herringbone Thistle and the size is 2.4cm wide x 1.80cm long. I specified quite a large rug as we have huge gaps in our 150 year old floorboards and my aim is to stop some of the draughts from whooshing around the house.

I love the mixture of soft thistle, yellow ochre and teal as it’s one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment. I have cushions, a pouffe and sneakers all in the same colours. The sitting room is the first room that you walk into when you enter our home (we live in a standard London victorian terrace) and it’s really uplifting to see the bright colours when you walk in!

And here is one of me sitting on the rug because I seem to sit on the floor a lot lately to build dens/towers or read Arthur children’s books. Thank god the rug is comfy to sit on!


All photography by Oli Douglas


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