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Bringing the Film in: Monsoon Wedding

Film Outside In Monsoon Wedding2

main image via Pandora Films

Monsoon Wedding is one of those amazing films that leaves you feeling all kinds of emotions whether it’s joy, excitement and even sadness at times. That’s the genius of good film making. Monsoon Wedding is such a visual feast- so many rich colours like marigold, warm yellows and deep orange mixed with earthy tones and anchored with different shades of black and purple. It seems that if any country knows how to throw a wedding party it is India! Indian weddings make my own wedding look like a picnic in comparison.

This film ties in perfectly with the new colour-of-the-year as announced by Dulux called ‘Cherished Gold’. You’ll see any number of items filtering through onto the market soon in shades of saffron and old gold.

If you fancy watching a film full of music, dancing, colour, romance and drama then add it to your watch list, then check out the items above as inspiration for your own home!


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1. Tealeaf terracotta decorative tile, Waterworks | 2. Camilla cushions in velvet and linen, Neptune | 3. Saraille lemongrass linen fabric, Designers Guild | 4. Jethou sofa in sunshine matt velvet, | 5. Ceiling light, Phillips and Wood.


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