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Film In: Atonement

No one could ever forget THAT green dress in Atonement, right?

I remember thinking that if I was taller, if I was two stone lighter and if I had a decent pout… (that’s a lot of ‘ifs’!) that I would love to wear that dress.

Now that that rich green has become a real trend in the world of interiors, it is the perfect starting point for my latest ‘Bringing the Film In’ interiors look. The sofa from Barker and Stonehouse has the perfect grass green-velvet upholstery to match and then layering up with elements of brass and stone help to add warmth to the scheme.

Surface View, as per usual, always have the perfect wall murals to compliment any interior and this one Bursting Flower is no exception.

Then there is the greyhound. There should always be a dog, real or fake, in every home, in my opinion!


Main image via Pinterest

  1. Sunflower chandelier, Cox London | 2. Bursting Flower by Emmanuel Hauguel, Surface View | 3. Beetley Chair, Se’ | 4. Belmont Green Velvet sofa, Barker and Stonehouse | 5. Poised Greyhound, OKA.


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