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Bringing the Film In: Beaches

I just love the film Beaches. It’s one of Bette Midler’s best performances, ever. I love that her character is mad as a box of frogs and at the same time remaining the rock in her straight-laced best friends life.

Do you remember the beach house that they would go and visit in the summer? That’s the actual beach house above. You can still go and visit the house in Crystal Cove in California if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood.

I love the visual contrast between the sandy cliffs, the minty coloured picket fence and the wooden shingles on the exterior of the house. I have noticed a trend for shingles in architecture recently as well as furniture. I see that Yellowtrace has too in this great feature you can see, here!

If you want to bring a bit of the Californian coast into your place, check out the items above!


Film Outside In_Beaches

Main Image via The Polished Pebble

1. Collect Cabinet by Sara Larsson for A2 | 2. Chance paint, Crown Paint | 3. Grace Pendant, Heal’s | 4. Harlequin Floreale Double Duvet, Floreale Oxford Cushion and Strata Cushion at Bedeck Home | 5. Pomapoma Cushion, The Jay St. at John Lewis | 6. Turquoise Kelim Rug, Urban Outfitters | 7. Rattan Laundry Basket, Lombok.


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