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Bringing the Film in: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park image via Scified

Hello All!

Welcome to my new feature entitled ‘Bringing The Film In’!

I was thinking last week that because I love film and TV as an art form and because we watch so many films in our spare time; I feel that these posts are a natural progression from the Bringing The Outside In posts that you are already so familiar with (and which I will also continue to create).

I will be using the outdoor scenes and landscapes from various films and TV to continue to bring you the latest interiors products, furniture and accessories that I am inspired by.

If you have a film that you would like me to translate into an interior scheme for the blog- just drop me an email on lucy [at] and I will do my best to share it with you all!

Today’s scheme is, as you can see from above, based on the original Jurassic Park film. I was quite young when it came out in 1993 and remember being obsessed with playing Jurassic Park: The Game on my Sega Mega Drive (blimey, I loved that machine).

The production was filmed in multiple locations including Hawaii, LA, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Actually, when we drove through New Zealand’s South Island last year- specifically near Punakaiki– I felt like at any moment a dinosaur could come thundering around the corner. It felt so much like being on the set of Jurassic Park! (Yes, I have a rather active imagination..)

Anyway, Jurassic Park 4 is looking like it’s going to grace our screens in June, 2015. Check out the trailer here. The graphics look slightly (!) better than film number one. (not that that would be difficult to top anymore..).

So, if you want to bring a bit of the Hawaiian tropical landscape into your home, check out the items above.


1. Meet the Wicker D1100, Chudy/Grase at Mint Shop | 2.Dakota tooled leather decanter, Ralph Lauren | 3. Spike torch by Menu at Panik | 4. Cuzco Pouf, Zuzunaga | 5. Nantucket Ocean Avenue paint, Colour and Paint.


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