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Top tips for Christmas!


Christmas is fast approaching and it’s almost time to get out the decs and begin to turn your house into your own festive grotto.

There are a few brilliant items above that might just help you this year. Not only are the beautifully designed but helpful too.

1. For those who are allergic to real trees (me!) or for those who prefer to save money in the long run by buying a fake tree and re-using it forever more.. try this beauty from Lights4Fun. I shot the image above (with Oliver Perrott) and I can guarantee the tree is of the highest quality! Check it out here.

2. Cox and Cox sell these brilliant (and incredibly simple) bauble hangers. You just thread one end of the hook through the bauble and hook the other end over the tree branch. I have been using these hooks for years now on Christmas photo shoots and I can assure you that you come out with less scratches when decorating a large tree!

3. This has got to be the most BEAUTIFUL christmas tree base I’ve ever seen. It’s by Skagerak and is available in a few different designs. The foot of the tree can often get left out and this will make it feel just as important as the rest of the tree.

4. I am buying me a whole lotta these this year. Such a great idea! Rather than putting a thumb tack through my mantle piece, you can buy these simple stocking hangers from Selfridges. It’s one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moments! (Available in a pack of four.)


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