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The Horopito Vintage Car Museum


When we were in NZ earlier this year, we were there at the same time as a tropical cyclone. We were lucky enough to be behind it, but unlucky enough to follow its path of destruction for the rest of our trip. When one follows the path of a tropical storm, one usually bursts a car we did.

When we realised that our tyre was blown, we were in the middle of Mt Ruapehu National Park near a tiny petrol station that was trying desperately to hang onto its roof. The kind man who eventually came to our rescue told us that we needed to follow him 20kms to his wreckers yard/car museum in Horopito and that he would meet us there.

As we were driving through the middle of nowhere we came across said car museum and weren’t prepared for just how cool it would be! It turns out it’s the largest (and only) vintage car dismantlers in the whole Australasian region. They sell parts around the world for cars made between the 1920’s-1970’s and also for cars that were built pre-WW1.

It turns out that the Horopito Vintage Car Museum is basically acres and acres of old vehicle carcasses as far as the eye can see.

As they were changing our tyre they told us to take a walk around the ‘path’ they had carved through all the car skeletons and we were totally amazed with what we were to discover! Trees growing out of cars and vehicles piled 10 high were a few of the things we found. I hope you think it’s as interesting as we did!



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