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Hi All,

Today I am blogging about the fantastic and (relatively) new company that goes by the name of SUPERFRONT. It is a really simple concept and as we know it’s the simplest ideas that are often the best.

SUPERFRONT designs and makes beautiful ‘fronts’ for your basic IKEA cupboard units. They make cupboard doors, handles, end panels, feet and worktops to fit your Metod, Besta, Faktum and standard wardrobe units. You can also use their feet on Ikea beds too if you want to add a little bit of colour to the base.

You have the choice of nine door designs and you can order them in any of the thirteen colours they offer. The colours are supberb and consist of bright red, naked (MDF), pale grey, pale lime and the list goes on. I absolutely love the sage green colour in the image above and the combination of navy with metallic handles is a definite trend right now. And what about that bright blue!! Makes me think of Yves Klein Blue.

The fab thing is that they ship around the world (however, if you live in Australia- they are only delivering legs and handles there at the moment but that is set to change in the near future!) SO the next time you decide to replace your IKEA kitchen, maybe just consider keeping it and changing the doors!




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