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The Simba Hybrid Mattress

We bought a decent mattress about 4-5 years ago (well, what we thought was decent)- it had a thick, stitched pillow top and the mattress itself was about 15 inches deep. It was heaven to sleep on for a little while before we slowly started to meet in the centre of the mattress in the middle of the night (and not in the way that one would hope to…) The mattress had softened up so much that the structure had sagged and it was no longer comfortable. We had been sleeping this way for years and I don’t think I’m alone in my story! Most people I speak to have said similar things about a saggy centre and feeling the springs through their mattress.

Well, that is now be a thing of the past!

We have only been sleeping on our Simba Hybrid mattress now for a short while and already we’ve noticed a difference in our quality of sleep. One of the big plusses for me is that I can’t feel when my wife rolls over in the night and vice versa. This is such a bonus for me as we are both light sleepers now that we have had a baby. Another brilliant feature of the Simba Hybrid is that it arrived rolled up in the box and the delivery driver delivered it straight to our bedroom. (they will take away your old mattress if you want them too, FYI).

Designing the mattress to be delivered in a manageable sized box is a particularly fabulous initiative as we live in a London terrace house with a pretty narrow staircase and it wasn’t a bother to lift it up and over the bannister (which has proved tricky with furniture deliveries in the past.)

Click on the video above to see how easy it is to remove from the box, lift onto your bed and unwrap from it’s vacuum-packed plastic wrap. Genius. We left ours for a whole day and evening before we laid on it to give it enough time to ‘puff up’ and feel dense enough for us to start sleeping on it. OMG, we had such a good nights sleep. I am a tummy sleeper so being on a soft mattress for me is perfect. However, I don’t mean soft as in ‘soft/medium or firm’ kind of way)  Simba have spent so much time and money on the science behind the best nights sleep that the top of the mattress is made from a latex type material so it feels all soft and squishy while the core remains firm thanks to the umpteen other layers of material under the surface. I’ve explained it better under the next diagram…

The Simba mattress mixes comfy foam with the support of springs, resulting in a mattress that can not only adapt to each individual’s body, but has its own hypoallergenic air flow to help with temperature control, too. The mattress is made up of five layers: Simbatex, a cool and gentle support, 20000 spring-powered conical springs which move horizontally and vertically to give you the best night’s sleep, visco memory foam that moulds to your body shape, a slatted support base and a hypoallergenic sleep surface to provide freshness and temperature control. Did you catch all that?

Another interesting points is that they offer a 100 night sleep trial and if you are not happy with it you can return it! Don’t think it will come to that though…

They have also just developed a Hybrid pillow where one side of the pillow feels cool! You can also customise the pillow’s height so no need to try before you buy as you can take out the stuffing easily to make it thinner.

The cost of the Simba Hybrid starts from £399 for a single and you can buy any size including EU sizes. Just to be clear- Simba have developed the most advanced mattress in the world. There is only one type of Simba mattress.  You just go to their website and pick your size. That’s it! A much simpler mattress-shopping-experience than in the past.

You can buy it direct from Simba, here:

Now the task at hand is to try and get my baby to sleep perfectly through the night. That will be an infinitely trickier exercise!



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