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Bringing the Outside In: Warsaw

Outside In_Warsaw

Main image by Lucy Gough

We went to Warsaw earlier this year and absolutely loved the place. I did little to no research at all before we arrived and we had heard mixed reviews- mostly ones along the lines of ‘Warsaw isn’t as beautiful as Krakow’…

So, as we travelled there with low expectations- we were pleasantly surprised! The people were really friendly (except for the cab drivers), the restaurants were excellent, the parks were stunning and Warsaw was rather inexpensive (when travelling on the British pound).

This shot was taken in Warsaw Old Town. The Old Town was established in the 13th century and managed to survive up until WWII when it was bombed to pieces. One of the most fascinating things that I learnt was that it was completely reconstructed after the war using paintings of the square that were painted by Canaletto (an Italian urban landscape painter). Canaletto was well known for his meticulously detailed paintings of buildings.

So, what now looks like a 13th century square is in fact one that was built in the 1960’s! It truly feels hundreds of years old.

If you would like to bring a bit of Warsaw into your place, check out the items above!


1. Coral Canyon paint, Dulux | 2. Era low lounge chair, Normann Copenhagen at Red Candy | 3. Jazz Stripe Pendant lights, ines art design, | 4. Mauritiana Dreaming Sunshine encaustic tiles, Eleanor Thompson Design | 5. Plant box planter, Ferm Living at Made in Design.


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