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Outside in: Storm Boy (1976)

When I was a kid I absolutely loved this film. I was pretty obsessed with animals growing up and ‘Storm Boy‘ is a classic Aussie film about a boy who finds three pelicans as chicks and calls them ‘Mr Ponder, Mr Percival and Mr Proud’. They think he is their mum so they begin to follow Storm Boy around everywhere. It was shot on the rugged coastline in South Australia with it’s ochre yellow sand, dry grasses and the local town is an outback Australian gem.

Now, I’m not telling you to find it and watch it this weekend as it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea (good Australian films tend to have a depressing storyline but be beautifully shot in the most stunning locations). However, they are remaking this beauty and it will come out this year and star Geoffrey Rush. So, I do urge you to watch the 1976 version before you watch the new one as it’s always better that way around!

Hope you like the mood board above to show you how you can bring the film into your home using a colour palette of yellow ochre, muddied olive, browns and materials like rattan and bamboo.

Enjoy! x

1. Small pestle and mortar, Shimu | 2. Morning room paint, Paint and Paper Library | 3. Havana pendant, Maisons du Monde | 4. Catch low armchair, & Tradition at Made in Design | 5. Hicks Hexagon wallpaper, Cole and Son at Amara | 6. Palm leaves wallpaper, Cole and Son at Amara | 7. Museum cushions, Alison at Home | 8. Rattan folding screen, Out There Interiors.


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