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Bringing the outside in: Venice Beach

Outside In_Venice Beach

I’ve decided to make the next few weeks on this blog all about California because there were so many brilliant places to photograph and I want to share them with you. We took a drive one afternoon to Venice Beach in LA  and I remember thinking that the light that was streaming through the palm trees was the softest that I’d ever seen. Everything was pastel coloured- the sky, the sand (even the buff, toned, half-naked bodies that seemed to be everywhere we looked..)

I felt like I was on the set of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet because the scenes of Verona Beach were filmed there. It was an effortlessly cool place. I was so envious of all the roller bladers weaving their way through the crowd. It was like the real-life version of California games that I grew up playing on my Sega Mega Drive.

Apparently you shouldn’t wander along the boulevard at night as the place can be quite dangerous- but that is the joy of being an oblivious tourist- you always end up seeing the best places!

If you want to bring a slice of Venice Beach into your place, see the products above.

Lucy x

1. Indoor palm tree, ebay | 2. Hand blown glass pendants, Curiousa and Curiousa | 3.Electric Louis armchair, Lee Broom | 4. Medium loop mirror, FAO Shop | 5.Limited Edition porcelain gold gun ornament, Pitfield London


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