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Bringing the outside in: Port Isaac

OutsideIn Carthenshire

Anywhere with water that clear and sky that blue has won me over without even trying! Port Isaac is a coastal village in Cornwall that we visited with friends a couple of years ago and fell in love with. Bring this look into your living room with a mix of modern materials, textures and bright colours. Yes please!

1. Willow brush bottle opener, £12, Anthropologie. 2. Celestial coaster, £8 each, Anthropologie. 3. Vanity chair in emerald green, £324, Stefano Giavanonni for Magis at Made in Design. 4. Zipzi coffee table, £3,804, Michael Young for Established and Sons at Panik Designs. 5. Flower colour country boquet vase, £35, LSA. Photo credit: Lucy Gough


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