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Bringing the Outside in: Munich

Outside in_Munich

Hi All,

This was a photograph I took a number of years ago when I visited Munich in Germany. I was drawn to the amazing dark red flower baskets on this beautiful building in Marienplatz. So much happens in Marienplatz: tours, concerts, good food and you can even pick up your own Glockenspiel if you fancy!

Marienplatz has been a marketplace for hundreds of years, however, now it is most famous simply as a meeting point for tourists.

The building in the image above is the New Town Hall (the Neues Rathaus in German) and is home to the local city council. It was built in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s in Gothic Revival architecture style and has 400 rooms! You can go and see inside for yourself or even visit the stunning restaurant in the basement called the Ratskeller (I believe it serves traditional Bavarian food).

If you fancy bringing a bit of Munich into your space, check out the items above!


1. Carpetry wall light, Lee Broom | 2. Persephone large velvet cushion, House of Hackney | 3. Coup style urn, House of Hackney | 4. Faux Peony, OKA | 5. 33D Bar Stool, GUBI.


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