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Bringing the Outside In: Dalston, London

Outside in: Dalston

Hi All,

This was taken last week while I was shooting in Dalston, East London. It’s in the back garden of a location house called The Roost.

The location is full of all sorts of interesting textures and surface treatments ranging from bare plaster, peeling wallpaper, rustic timbers and period panelling.

This shot was taken in the back courtyard. I love the colours together- turquoise and red make a rich, fresh colour palette that you can easily translate into your home.

For inspiration on how to bring this look into your home, check out the items above!


1. Vintage shade, Urban Cottage Industries| 2. Dizzy rug, Wovenground| 3. Red lacquered mid-sized cabinet, Shimu| 4. Magda oversized mug, Habitat| 5. Reclaimed hardwood worktops, Retrouvius.


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