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Xmas Gift Guide: Tree Decorations

There are so many amazing, colourful baubles this year that I thought I would share my top ten with you! I don’t know about you but I like to collect one new bauble per year to add to our tree. I tend to go for the same colour scheme each year but I am aware now that I have a small child that decorations will soon be of the hand-made variety and covered in splodges of paint. So, I may as well be honest with myself that it will be easier to give a ‘theme’ to our tree if I just go with ‘colourful’! No more neutral/white/silver for us! I think I am going to go and purchase number one this week- I love the sequin circus man!

What will your tree look like this year?


1. Red Paper Circus Ornament, Petersham Nurseries | 2. Ombre Tree Decoration, Amara | 3. Embellished Thistle Bauble, Selfridges | 4. Glass shaped Peacock Decoration, Liberty London | 5. Glitter Kingfisher, Rockett St George | 6. Glass Rainbow ‘Love is Love’, Liberty London | 7. Maya Owl, Conran Shop | 8. Marble Sequin Bauble, John Lewis | 9. Tinselled Jellyfish, Anthropologie | 10. Hen Decoration, Raj Tent Club.


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