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Xmas Gift Guide: Gardening & Hobbies

Whether you are blessed to have to a large garden or not, hopefully you should be able to find something in the selection above for an Xmas gift as chances are you’ll at least have a kitchen windowsill to grow coffee beans on! (see number 12 from Firebox, above)

Particular favourites of mine are number 4 (gardening gloves with claws so you can dig while you sow- genius!) and number 5 (a collapsable bucket/watering can that you could use at home, on the road or camping. I love a space saving product!)

And ‘when I grow up’ and have a big ol’ house I will most definitely have two statues of dogs outside my front door from Haddonstone (number 14), above!

Here’s hoping you can find something here for yourself or your green-fingered friends!


1. Tea towel, Sarah Edmonds at What You Sow | 2. Hedgehog house, Amara | 3. Four-leaf clover bauble, Polar Post| 4. Genie gardening gloves, Amazon | 5. Collapsable watering can/bucket, Colapz | 6. Cement chair, Petersham Nurseries | 7. Folding knife, Conran Shop | 8. Tiger Bomb seeds, Conran Shop | 9. Double sided clock/thermometer, and-thermometer.html#.WhPdWLT1VbU”>Garden Trading | 10. Gardener mug set,”>Marks and Spencer | 11. Denim Apron, Levi | 12. Coffee to grow, Firebox | 13. Gauntlet gloves, Garden Trading | 14. Hunting Dog Statue, Haddonstone | 15. Square plant pot, Liberty London | 16. Personalised vegetable sack, Notonthehighstreet.


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