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Shop Love: Quick-Step Flooring


All images styled by Quick Step Flooring.

One of the most important decisions to make when you are creating your interiors scheme is the flooring. If you opt for the open-plan living idea then the floor will be the element that pulls the whole design together.

Quick-Step is one flooring company that has really upped it’s game of late. With a brand spanking new website to showcase all their amazing new imagery- there is a floor for every possible type of design project including vinyl, laminate and wood and beautiful designs include wide-plank, herringbone and even water resistant. I used to feature them a lot when I worked at the magazine as I knew they would always have something to fit in with the feature I was writing or Styling.

A fab new addition to their website is the RoomViewer tool. You have the ability to upload an image of your room and change the flooring to find the perfect colour and design before you go ahead and buy it. Genius!

*tip* If you are thinking of undertaking a full-scale interior design project in your home you might want to think about having the flooring level throughout the space. This will make the space appear larger as it will elongate the sight lines that go with an open concept, and also eliminates the trip-hazard that comes with uneven flooring.

You don’t have to hire an Interior Designer to choose the right flooring. Quick-Step has a gallery on their website- you can always find inspiration there and implement it in your own home. When you have a collection full of contemporary flooring it’s hard to choose the wrong one!



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