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Shop Love: FactoryLux

Hi All!

I hope you have had a lovely week so far!

Today’s post is about a wonderful, inspiring business that I know well and have been featuring in various publications over the past 4-5 years. FactoryLux are a truly extraordinary business model. *NOTE* If you want to start up a business- follow in their footsteps!

I visited their awesome factory in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire last year and had a tour of the place as well as getting a chance to make my own industrial light. It was clearly obvious from the beginning that this place was different to other factories. The employees seemed really happy and driven- a testament to the founders and management. It didn’t feel like ‘work’- more like a bunch of people making lights because they actually wanted to.

They had recently moved into a huge new space with massive windows on every wall- there is so much natural light! And it helps that the communal areas are styled with well-designed furniture, (cool industrial pieces alongside vintage ones) and of course- amazing light fittings throughout.


FactoryLux (or Urban Cottage Industries as some people know it as) was founded in 2007 when a couple of brilliant people saw the opportunity to sell old, industrial lighting from big, old redundant factories throughout the country and little did they know industrial lighting would become a massive trend that is still continuing today.

In 2014, Factorylux launched ‘Made For You’ the world’s first next day bespoke lighting service. And, this is mainly what I want to tell you about today! It’s such a simple, brilliant concept.

Head to the Made for You section of their site and what you’ll see is an easy-to-use drop down menu. (see above for an idea of what the site is like).

From there you choose the following:

  1. Your style of lampshade (or no lampshade if you just want an exposed bulb)

  2. Colour of the lampshade (they even have classic shiny gold now!)

  3. Lamp holder

  4. Ceiling rose

  5. Chain style

  6. Flex style and colour (they have around fifty to choose from!)

  7. Light bulb shape and style

  8. And you even have the option to have is assembled for you or they can send you the parts and you assemble it at home yourself.

Then they deliver it the next day to you! Amazing. Nothing leaves their premises that isn’t of the highest quality and tested a million ways. Safety first!


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