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Shop Love: Design Haus Liberty

Shop love_copper kitchen

Styled and photographed by Quintain Lake

Copper is still one of the hottest interiors trends about, and this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful products born of that trend! Look at that finish, look at that shine. It makes me think of a metallic iceberg. So beautifully designed and the attention to detail is superb. It goes by the name of The Fold and is the brainchild of Interior Designer Dara Huang who started creative agency Design Haus Liberty in November 2012.

Design House Liberty is made up of a talented team of architects, planners, designers and creative thinkers and have confessed to being inspired by contemporary art and fashion from around the globe.

Some of their interior design projects include the One Fine Stay London HQ, the Fort George Yachting club in Croatia and the AquaDocks (a RIBA award-winning project).

No wonder The Fold kitchen island is as faultless as it is with that creative bunch at the helm! It is also totally customisable  with other potential finishes including stone, concrete, wood and metal. It can be made to fit any kitchen and whether you want a wine fridge, plate warmer, dishwasher.. (I could go on), you name it and you can have it.

Lucy x


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