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Shop Love: David David at Darkroom


Well, what can I say? I love these umbrellas so much. They are beautiful, bright, colourful, punchy, high quality and beautifully made.

They have been created by designer David David and can be purchased through the online store here or online at Darkroom.

Darkroom needs a post all to itself really. It is a fabulous independent store (and online shop) in Lambs Conduit Street in London . It’s been open since 2009 and is as much a gallery space as it is a retail store.

They curate an eclectic mix of hand-made, unusual and one-off accessories for men, women and the home. One of the things I love about the store is the ‘unisex’ nature of a lot of their products. None of this ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ that I can’t stand. Nope, all products are of strong aesthetic value and can be appreciated by all. As well as self-designed collections, Darkroom prides itself on supporting and featuring emerging and unknown designers from all over the globe.

Check out their online store, here!



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