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Shop love: Blurb photo books


A lot of people ask me which photo books I think are the best for when it comes to showcasing your favourite pics or for putting together a portfolio. I always say it’s BLURB all the way.

I have been making photo books for a while now due to the fact that photos have mainly gone digital.

My mum did a clever thing a couple of years ago when she realised that she had accumulated SO many drawings that my sister and I had made since we were little (my mum is an amazing artist and always encouraged us to be creative) and she couldn’t bare to part with them, so she scanned them and created photo books with all the images. So now, instead of 4 or 5 boxes of paper in storage, she has two hard cover bound books to be really proud of.

This is where Blurb comes in. Blurb allows you to create high quality books (the kind that photographers could make their portfolios with) and you can make the process as simple or as creatively challenging as you want. i.e Blurb can ‘flow’ in all your images in for you so you don’t have to format the book, or you can use their InDesign plug-in and allow yourself to have full control over the design.

There are various sizes, formats and paper quality options to choose from and once you have completed your book, you can order it online for your own personal use or you can upload it onto your ‘bookstore’ account and sell it online to the public.

Amazing, right?

PS I think these make great christmas presents for people who may have just had a baby and want to give a ‘brag book’ to their parents (just an example), or perhaps a book of your last holiday snaps to give your partner? Lovely.


(images below are all from my wedding book that I created myself on the Blurb BookSmart software. All wedding photography by Tom Ravenshear)

blurb_my book


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