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Shop Love: Bisque Radiators


Hi All,

A few months ago we re-did our hallway ahead of our baby being born. We decided to do it because we thought ‘we’ll never have time to do renovations when the baby arrives! Well, at least for the first little while we wouldn’t and I wanted to make sure they were installed for the colder weather which would be upon us in the months to come.

Every year for the past seven years (since I arrived in the UK) winter would set in, we would light the fire in the gorgeous victorian fireplace and we would say to each other ‘this fire is so beautiful to look at… but I’m freezing!’ It just didn’t give out enough heat to combat the cold. So, we replaced the old fireplace with a wood burning stove (or pot belly stove as we call them in Australia) and that then prompted us to re-decorate the hallway and the hallway of course had an old, boring, run of the mill white radiator that just had to go!

The first thing we did was to visit the gorgeous Bisque showroom in Kilburn (see pic four, above) and decided on two classic ‘mild steel’ radiators in anthracite (see pic one, above). Mild steel is used instead of traditional cast iron as it is much lighter and it heats up quicker. So you get the look of the cast iron with all the modern benefits. Genius!

One fabulous thing about Bisque radiators is that they can paint your radiator in any colour you like! They also do different finishes like the iridescent finish that you can see here.

If classic (some might say traditional) radiators aren’t your style and you prefer something more contemporary then the Lissett range may be your thing (See pic 3, 5 and 9, above). The Lissett radiators are made from recycled, scrap aluminium and assembled by hand! So, not only do they have lovely curves but a feel good factor too 🙂

Not only do we have a new stove this year but new radiators too- baby Arthur Grey doesn’t know how lucky he is!


1. My new hallway (Classic in Anthracite) | 2. Ellisse radiator | 3. Lissett in Nature green | 4. Gorgeous Bisque shopfront in Kilburn | 5. Lissett in yellow | 6. Classic in any shade you want | 7. Classic in silver | 8. Classics in pastel shades | 9. Lissett in Volcanic finish.


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