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Set Up An Outdoor Cinema This Summer

Shopping_Summer outdoors

Main image: Lights 4 Fun | Styling: Lucy Gough

Photography: Oliver Perrott

One of the things I am most looking forward to this summer is the outdoor cinema we are going to set up for our Annual Garden Party. (NB This makes our garden sound huge but it is actually your standard {tiny} London garden. It just so happens that in the summer our plants are in full bloom and it’s the nicest time to show it off!) We have been having this party for years and it coincides with my partner’s birthday so we thought this year we would make it extra special by setting up an outdoor cinema to watch late into the evening.

We’ve wanted to do this for years but we’ve never got around to it. All you need is a large white bed sheet, a portable projector, some low seating, some fairy lights and the obligatory beer, wine, popcorn and perhaps a BBQ…

If you tie each of the four corners of the sheet with rope and attach them to the side of a shed, a tree, a fence etc then you have yourself a makeshift projector screen.

Then, if you place the projector far enough away from the screen ( this is to make sure the image fits the size of your bed sheet) you can turn it on and watch any film your heart desires!

See above for some suggestions on things you can use for your own garden party this summer!


1. Multicoloured connectable festoon lights and battery operated lanterns, Lights 4 Fun | 2. FRYKAT picnic grill, Bodum at Achica | 3. Melamine dinner plate, Marks and Spencer | 4. Wide summer hat, Tiger Stores | 5.  Portable HDMI projector, Maplin | 6. Wideboy, Southsea Deckchairs.


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