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Round Up: Freestanding Baths

Bathrooms are one of my favourite places to style in a home. They should feel relaxing, spacious and calm. I know not everyone is blessed with a large bathroom ( we certainly aren’t!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some clever styling decisions to maximise your space.

One of the first things you can do is to take your door off it’s hinges and replace it for a barn door mechanism. This will get rid of any dead space that you had behind your door swing.

We have a small bathroom at home but we have still managed to have a freestanding bath in the room. Freestanding baths aren’t reserved for big, posh bathrooms in big, posh homes!

1. Bute Cast Iron tub, Drummonds

2. Napoli Bath, V + A Baths

3. Imperium Plinth Roll Top Bath, Albion

4. Copper Bateau, Catchpole and Rye

5. Admiral, Victoria Plumbing

 6. Clearwater Formoso Petite, Soakology

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