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Outside in: Road to Franz Josef Glacier

Outside in_Franz Joseph

You’ve heard me say before that I LOVE NEW ZEALAND. It was the best trip of our lives. We drove 2,500 miles around the country back in March with my parents and had some truly amazing experiences.

One thing about New Zealand is that parts of it (especially in the South Island) are so quiet. You can drive for hours and only pass a few cars. About one million people live in the South Island (bearing in mind that almost 3 million in South London alone!!!) and a lot of it is farmland with wide open spaces that feel untouched. You can stand at the foot of an incredible mountain and imagine how the early explorers felt when they discovered it. I imagine it looks exactly the same as when the saw it for the first time all those hundreds of years ago.

At times we felt like we were on the set of Jurassic Park. I would sit quietly, half expecting a dinosaur to walk around the corner. In NZ, I love how the forest meets the farm and makes for one of the most diverse landscapes on the planet.

This picture was taken while driving toward Franz Josef Glacier. You can see the size of the car in the picture- and then take a look at the size of the mountain! There was no filter on this picture either. Just raw beauty.

I want to go back..


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