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New website + Outside in: Albert Town, NZ

Hi All, Happy Monday!

I wanted to let you know about a couple of changes with my blog.

I have changed my blog address to

This is due to the new portfolio website that I made live yesterday at Both websites have links to each other in case you forget the new address.

Apologies if you tried to look at my blog yesterday and it was a bunch of unformatted numbers and letters! It was far more difficult to port my domain than I thought. Thank you in advance for your patience as there might be some issues with the blog over the next week while I fix links etc.

I hope you enjoy my latest post below!


Outside in Albert Town

Another stop on our 2,500 km journey around NZ back in April, 2014, was a place called Albert Town. Albert Town is just outside of Wanaka on the South Island (Wanaka is like being in the Southern Hemisphere’s version of the Austrian Alps). It is seriously gorgeous. Apparently Wanaka is made up of people from Europe, UK and Australia wanting a better lifestyle. Most of them never move home again. You can ski, paddle board, jump in a boat, walk through the hills- whatever kind of outdoor sport you are after- they have it on their doorstep. It sounds like a dream!

Albert Town is a five minute drive away and made us stop dead in our tracks as we approached. Bearing in mind it was Autumn, and every tree was a mixture of bright yellow and orange leaves as they were turning with the fast approaching winter. It was a colour explosion! I believe all the trees that were the most visually stunning were the ones that were introduced by Europeans a couple of hundred years ago.

This picture was taken when we stumbled across a caravan park where I think someone lived in this gorgeous, clapped out old bus.

If you want to bring a bit of Albert Town into your place, check out the items above!


1. Sara bedding set, M&S (available in the SS15 collection) | 2. Tibu Stool, Anderssen & Voll for Magis at Viaduct | 3. Azure Blue Churriana tile, Bert and May | 4. Ikat Damask fabric, Timorous Beasties | 5. Babouche paint, Farrow and Ball


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