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My latest styling project – a show home!


When I was approached to style a show home for a property developer recently, naturally I jumped at the chance!

The house was one of four terraces that had been built and I was to style one of them to represent the development. The brief (in a nutshell) was that it had to appeal to young families making the jump from an apartment to a terrace house, it had to feel fresh and homely (as opposed to just furnishing it with bulk, flat pack pine furniture) and there was also a request that it look like a contemporary homes magazine, while of course sticking to a budget.

This helped me make the decision to opt for high street furniture and the occasional design classic item thrown in.

It was such a brilliant project, I really enjoyed doing it. The client was trusting and easy-going, the house was really well designed (including those brilliant windows that flip around so you can clean the outside while you’re standing inside- genius) and I think the outcome reflects that. Not to mention that all four properties sold on the first weekend of viewing!

When selling your house, you need to stick by a few key rules. These are:

  1. Make sure you furnish it! Empty spaces appear smaller.

  2. Don’t over complicate the space- stick to a neutral colour palette as it has to appeal to a broad market

  3. Remember, you are selling a dream so you want people to walk in and think- ‘yep, I can imagine myself living here’- i.e lay out the table with plates and cutlery and add books to the coffee table etc.

  4. Hire a stylist if you think that you don’t have time or the energy to do this. It’s worth spending a small amount of money hiring someone than your house remaining on the market for an extra 6 months!

PS just email me or leave a comment if you want to know where any of the items below are from.

 Photography: Jonathan Gooch | Styling Lucy Gough | Property developed by Windmill Properties Ltd

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 005

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 029

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 036

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 039

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 064

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 096

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 103

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 126c

Buckleigh Mews_25.10.13- 149


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