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My favourite gifts for Christmas under £35


Hi All,

Christmas is so close! Only 4 weeks away! I thought I’d give you a hand in the gift department. Here are 12 gifts that I think are fab for this Christmas, and they’re all under £35.

I want to give a special shout out to Crisis. My mother-in-law and I give this to each other every year. You pay £22.29 and you can reserve a spot for a homeless person this Christmas day. They receive support, 3 hot meals, showers, a health check, a new haircut and training and support for the future. You can buy it in your friends/family member’s name and give it to them as their gift in a card.

I particularly like number 6, the London Brew Tea, it is perfect for your international friends (watch out friends in Aus- you know what you’re getting!)

If you want any gift ideas for this year- just drop me a line! I’m happy to steer you in the right direction.


1. The Best Breakfast Book by Fern Green at Anthropologie | 2. Marcel Wanders Cocktail Shaker, Marks and Spencer | 3. Round Mirror, H&M | 4. Traditional Panettone, Carluccio’s | 5. Fairisle Camel Xmas Jumper, ASOS | 6. London Strong Brew Tea Bags, Selfridges | 7. Fetch Balls, Marks and Spencer | 8. Reserve a place for a homeless person on Xmas day, Crisis | 9. Rustic Flour Scoop, Nom Living  | 10. Howick check pyjama trousers, House of Fraser | 11. Daisy Chain Sewing Basket, John Lewis | 12. Londji Noir & Blanc, Amara.

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