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My favourite gifts for Christmas under £35


Hi All,

Christmas is so close! Only 4 weeks away! I thought I’d give you a hand in the gift department. Here are 12 gifts that I think are fab for this Christmas, and they’re all under £35.

I want to give a special shout out to Crisis. My mother-in-law and I give this to each other every year. You pay £22.29 and you can reserve a spot for a homeless person this Christmas day. They receive support, 3 hot meals, showers, a health check, a new haircut and training and support for the future. You can buy it in your friends/family member’s name and give it to them as their gift in a card.

I particularly like number 6, the London Brew Tea, it is perfect for your international friends (watch out friends in Aus- you know what you’re getting!)

If you want any gift ideas for this year- just drop me a line! I’m happy to steer you in the right direction.


1. The Best Breakfast Book by Fern Green at Anthropologie | 2. Marcel Wanders Cocktail Shaker, Marks and Spencer | 3. Round Mirror, H&M | 4. Traditional Panettone, Carluccio’s | 5. Fairisle Camel Xmas Jumper, ASOS | 6. London Strong Brew Tea Bags, Selfridges | 7. Fetch Balls, Marks and Spencer | 8. Reserve a place for a homeless person on Xmas day, Crisis | 9. Rustic Flour Scoop, Nom Living  | 10. Howick check pyjama trousers, House of Fraser | 11. Daisy Chain Sewing Basket, John Lewis | 12. Londji Noir & Blanc, Amara.

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Is this offer available for Christmas 2020? I'm looking for Christmas gifts for my mom and aunt. Please inform me if this offer still there otherwise if you guys know of any other discount deals and offer this Christmas like for example online coupon codes (i.e. christmas coupons) then it would be great.

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