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My favourite finds from Maison et Objet, 2016.

Hi All,

I went trend-spotting at Maison et Objet in Paris last weekend on behalf of Tom Dixon, so I could report back to you about what the latest designs are in the wonderful world of interiors!

Please keep reading below to see my round-up of favourite finds while I was there>>

TOM DIXON_iridescent


This seemed to be a significant trend throughout a lot of the higher-end brands at Maison et Objet, especially when to came to vessels and vases in all shapes and sizes. Also, the incredible tables above from Glas Italia are absolutely stunning and have to be seen to be believed at how beautiful they are!

Needless to say, Tom Dixon’s Iridescence range (no.2) was a real show stopper. With their petrol surface, melted edges and dented forms, no two pieces are the same. An absolutely genius idea that will no doubt trickle through the industry and we’ll probably see on the high street in the years to come.

1. Nendo for Glas Italia | 2. Warp collection by Tom Dixon | 3. Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia | 4. Sebastian Herkner at Pulpo | 5. Moser Glass | 6. SkLO Studio


Deep Green

This is one of my favourite trends for sure, that green colour is so rich and looks both contemporary and elegant whether it be in marble, velvet or glass.

1. Cabinet by Ginger and Jagger | 2. Rug by Golran | 3. Babe armchair by Munna | 4. Glass table from Ligne Roset | 5. Velvet sofa from Ligne Roset.

TOM DIXON_marble

Marble and marble effect

Marble has been around for a few years now but is still a strong trend. Marble effect is starting to gain more momentum now too like these amazing Japanese paper lights (no.6). You choose your favourite paper and they turn it into a box wall light for you up to about 2m in length. Then there is Tom Dixon who is world renowned for his ability to turn lumps of marble into objects of timeless beauty. Tom Dixon’s latest offering is the Stone Marble Pendant that would add a touch of minimalist glamour to any space.

1. Marble table from Riluc | 2. Stone Marble pendant by Tom Dixon | 3. Parasol vases by Designstudio speziell at Pulpo | 4. Dining table at Popcorn 5. Stone tea light holder by Tom Dixon | 6. Paper lights, Kyoto Connection.

TOM DIXON_geometric


This is an incredibly versatile trend. You can make geometrics fit almost any interiors scheme and there is a real sense of fun about them.

The Moon chair from Lina (no.2) is a genius design. It’s modular and you’re able to turn it from a lounger to a rocking chair and even to a bed! They’re really light weight and come in a range of indoor and outdoor fabrics in Lina’s signature bright colour palette. Then there is Tom Dixon’s Short Plane Chandelier. They have been selling the large version for years and now they have finally designed a mini one for people like me that live in smaller houses!

1. Bookcase by Charles Kalpakian for La Chance | 2. Moon chair by Lina | 3. Mini plane chandelier by Tom Dixon | 4. coffee table from Hanbel Monpas | 5. Plinto dining table by Meridiani | 6. Makan rug by Illulian | 7. Planter at Made a Mano.


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