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Little People: Animal Print

Hi All,

I have found quite a number of animal print patterns for kids lately while on my style travels and I have shown you some of my favourites, above. Number one is the most beautifully illustrated MAGNETIC wallpaper by Sian Zeng to adorn the walls of your child’s bedroom or playroom. You can buy the actual magnets from the same designer and your little ones’ can play and use their imagination ’til their heart’s content!

Secondly is the awesome Cheetah Design from Australian brand Kip & Co. Kip & Co is available in the UK at Antipodream which sells the best of Australian and New Zealand design to the UK. This vibrant pattern is available in sheets and also swaddles for your tiny one!

House of Hackney, as always, have outdone themselves with the Alice in Wonderland pattern that is available as both fabric and wallpaper. I could imagine as a kid staring at the walls while going to sleep and my imagination running wild while making up stories about all the characters in front of me!

Then there is the backpack from Cath Kidston- the Queen of pattern! I wouldn’t mind having it now as an adult 😉 The last one is an image I styled for Dare & Do recently. Dare and Do are an ‘adventure-inspired’ homewares company with everything being designed and made in the UK!


1. Magnetic wallpaper and magnets, Magic Mountain, Sian Zeng | 2. Cheetah fitted cot sheets and swaddles, Kip & Co at Antipodream | 3. Alice in Wonderland print fabric and wallpaper, House of Hackney | 4. Safari Animal Backpack, Cath Kidston | 5. Turquoise Canoe Collection, Dare & Do.


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