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Latest styling: Aram Store

When I was commissioned to style a shoot for the Aram Store, excited was an understatement. I have always held the Aram Store in such high regard. The owner and founder Zeev Aram is a visionary, opening his first store in London in 1964. London had never seen anything like it. It was contemporary, consisting of clean lines and modernist materials, and it changed the direction of interiors in the UK from then on.

Aram store_FINAL

Eileen Gray is one brand that Aram holds the worldwide rights for. Eileen grew up in London and worked closely with many of the outstanding figures of the modern movement, including Le Corbusier and J J P Oud. One of Eileen Gray’s last tasks in the early 1970s was to work with Zeev Aram on the introduction of her designs onto the world market. Aram is the only UK source for the authentic products.

The Aram Store celebrated it’s 50th birthday last year and is a testament to the team’s enduring passion for the business and also shows the UK’s insatiable appetite for top quality design.

Thank you to the team at Aram for bringing me on board this project!


PS. The images you see in this post are some of the images I styled for them recently, and that were photographed by the amazing Simon Bevan.

Aram store


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