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Hi All,

A quick post this week on how to style your home for Halloween.

I’m not a major halloweener but there is no denying it has gained some serious popularity over the past few years. And considering it’s on a Saturday night this year I thought I’d share with you a few cool things to bring out on the 31st of October.

The main image here is a shot I styled earlier this year for Lights 4 Fun showcasing their new Halloween range. Also take note of the dip-dyed pumpkin (paint it black then spray paint half of it gold) and the skirt around the table made from a black foil curtain!

Have fun!



Main image styled by Lucy Gough and photographed by Oliver Perrott for Lights 4 Fun.

1. Various amazing Halloween accessories, Lights 4 Fun | 2. House Bird by Eames at the Aram Store | 3. Glitter LED Candles, Lights 4 Fun | 4. Orange balloons, Argos | 5. Brilliant Gold Metallic Spray Paint, Rust-oleum | 5. Foil black curtain, Pearl and Earl.


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