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Green Paint

Hi All,

Had a good week? I hope so! I am sitting here behind my keyboard like the very large, very round pregnant woman that I am dreaming about all the things that I can’t wait to do once I have my waist back! Firstly, I can’t wait to bend and stretch as much as I want. Secondly, I will wear a dress with a belt and I will pull it in tight- yes! I can’t wait for that.  And thirdly, I may even have dinner in front of the television and eat it on my lap- because I will have a lap again! In two weeks time it will be hello baby number two and hello waist!

In the mean time I am day dreaming about the colour green because it embodies all things happy and fresh and zen and calm. We have just renovated our bathroom and green is the main colour (pics to be uploaded here in a week or two). I have hung some plants in the bathroom too to increase the green-ness (can I say green-ness?).

Below are my 10 favourite shades of green that I have seen lately – are there any that would add or remove from the list below?

I am particularly fond of mixing green with navy blue and/or red. (see pics 1 and 8 from Crown). Image one looks almost hyper real which is amazing for making a statement and number 8 feels very striking and grown-up but also fun at the same time. However, I do think my absolute favourite from the list below is Harley Green (No. 3) from Little Greene- if I had my time over I think I would recreate this entire look in my kitchen- it has a great energy about it!!


(also, I should say that I styled the image for Dulux (no. 10) a little while ago but the other images were all styled by other fabulous stylists that I know and love!)


  1. Secret Escape, Crown Paints | 2. Jewel Beetle, National Trust palette at Little Greene | 3. Harley Green, National Trust palette at Little Greene | 4. Stable Green, Paint and Paper Library | 5. Antibes Green, Annie Sloan | 6. Florence, Annie Sloan | 7. Squid Ink, Paint and Paper Library | 8. Secret Escape, Crown Paints | 9. Wooster Olive, Abigail Ahern | 10. Enchanted Eden, Dulux.


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