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Children’s toys or objects of design?

I’m the first to admit that I am a child at heart. I have a glass-fronted cabinet full of curiosities that most people would only buy if they had children. When we are little, we are encouraged to bring drawings and paintings home from school, our parents foster our inner artists. Then we grow up and we are are told to get proper jobs, well paid ones, and creative industries aren’t usually at the upper end of the pay scale (unless you’re Thomas Heatherwick, that is!)

Well, I am lucky enough to have creative parents that still encourage me to pursue what makes me happy. So, when my nieces and nephews come around with their set of building blocks, I’m secretly in my element and often gathering inspiration for my next shoot!

Alphabet factory blocks, £45, House Industries, Cork blocks, POA, Tono Products, White balancing blocks, £65 for bag of 10, Solid ID, Totem: Series One, £39, Dino Sanchez

Cork blocks, POA, Tono Products

White balancing blocks, £65 for bag of 10, Solid ID



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