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Bringing the Outside in: Sydney Opera House

Outside in Sydney Opera House2

It’s no secret that the Sydney Opera House is my favourite building on the planet. Designed in 1957 by Jorn Utzon, initial estimates thought it would take a few years at 7,000,000 AUD but it ended up taking 16 years and 102,000,000 AUD (approx) to complete. I feel very proud as a Sydney-sider to say that Sydney has one of the most important, not to mention beautiful pieces of Danish architecture in the world.

When we travelled to Sydney in December we did a tour of the Opera House via Viator and got to walk right through the building and into the magnificent concert halls. Every single part of the building has been thought about- even the huge concrete struts have intricate patterns cut into them. It’s design on an epic scale.

If you want to bring the Opera House into your home, check out my suggestions above!


1. Midilicious bowl, Lenneke Wispelwey at SMUG | 2. Trinidad chair, Nanna Ditzel at the Aram Store | 3. Suspended bead dress, Dion Lee | 4. DB Bench, Wales and Wales at Benchmark | 5. Roasted Pumpkin 6 paint, Dulux.


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