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Bringing the outside in: Stockholm Fairground

Outside In Fairground

When we decided to visit Stockholm last year, we thought to ourselves “let’s go on the Midsummer long weekend, it’ll be bursting with people and there will be loads to see and do!”. Well, we were wrong. Almost every living soul leaves Stockholm and heads elsewhere in Sweden. We were alone. Every museum had shut down and the only restaurant that was open was TGIF…

So, when a local told us that a lot of people head to Skansen, the world’s oldest outdoor open-air museum on the outskirts of the city, we headed straight there. This picture was taken on Skansen, where we have such lovely memories of that summer evening, walking around the fairground and happy that we had found something to do! Anyway, the products above will help you bring a little bit on Skansen into your home.

1. Swing table 8 person, from £6895, Duffy London. 2. Mint chevron stripe straws, £2.84 for pack of 25, Sofies Big Day at Etsy. 3. Wood table light, £488, by Matthias Stahlborn for Zero lighting at twentytwentyone. 4. Ideas neon light, £POA, Gods Own Junkyard. 5. Roller coaster print (8″ x 8″), £12, by Cassia Beck at Folksy.

Photo credit: Lucy Gough


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