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Bringing the Outside In: South Coast of NSW

Outside in_South Coast

We recently took a holiday within a holiday. After landing in Sydney, Australia in December and spending some quality with the family- we jumped in the car with my gorgeous friend (and also incredibly talented actor Brett Brown) and drove four hours south of Sydney to Brett’s dad’s place in Mollymook on the South Coast of NSW.

If you haven’t been there, make sure you put it on your bucket list! It’s so, so beautiful. I spent a part of every year of my life growing up down around that area at my grandparents’ home in a place called Ulladulla. It’s just magical.

Anyway, when we arrived, Brett’s dad couldn’t wait to show us what ended up being the largest tree I had EVER seen, IN MY LIFE. It was about a 20 minute drive further south and it wasn’t marked and I don’t believe it’s on any tourist maps, so it seemed like we were being let in on a big secret.

Apparently, decades ago when all the trees were being felled (I imagine by hand at the time) this tree was already too large so they left it. And, as trees do, it kept growing.

Take a look at the size of my fellow holidayers at the foot of the tree, in the pic above. How amazing is it!?

Check out the items above that you could use in your home to bring this image to life!


1. Abigail sofa in turf soft wool, | 2. Kentia palm potted plant, Ikea | 3. Nuno serving bowl, Folklore | 4. Driftwood side table, French Connection | 5. Homegrown green rug, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby at The Rug Company.


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