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Bringing the Outside In: Santorini

Outside in_Santorini

Hi All,

A few years ago we travelled to Santorini with a good friend of mine and I don’t thing anything could have prepared us for the beauty that we would encounter!

I always feel like I was spoilt growing up in Sydney as it really is one of the most beautiful cities on earth, but Santorini was on a whole other level. One of those places where you really can’t take a bad photograph. This picture was taken at the top of a mountain looking down over the beach below.

One of the things I remember about Santorini are the eucalyptus trees. It may sound silly but I really didn’t know that eucalyptus trees existed anywhere outside of Australia. I thought they were exclusively from my island home. As you know it’s the only thing a Koala will eat- we have millions of these amazing trees (not millions of Koalas, sadly). So when I got to the top of that hill and smelt the amazing scent of eucalyptus it immediately transported me home. Smells can evoke such vivid memories.

Everything in Santorini is white (because the owners of these house paint them white every year, religiously) and various shades of blue. It really is an amazing sight. Pop it on your bucket list if you haven’t already!

If you want to bring a bit of the Santorini coast into your place then check out my suggestions above.


(Main photograph at the top by Lucy Gough) 1. Square sofa, Designers Guild | 2. ‘Kotor Bay Fishing Buoys’ photograph by Tim Hall, Tim Hall Photography | 3. Tatou light, by Patricia Urquiola for Flos at Clippings | 4. Agra grey marble serving board, Habitat (available in September) | 5. Liquid moon side table made entirely in resin, Dinosaur Designs.


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