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Bringing the outside in: NZ South Island

Outside In_NZ South island

Hi All,

I have so much I want to share with you! We have just come back from almost one whole month in New Zealand, and as I keep telling everyone, you must put NZ on your bucket list! It is honestly the most spectacular country on this planet. I have so many photographs that I want to use on my blog, but I promise not to bore you!

This picture was taken on the drive between Franz Joseph and Wanaka on the South Island. We just couldn’t believe that approximately every 100 miles on our 2500 mile road trip the landscape would change dramatically. Huge mountains, long winding bright blue lakes, stunning fiords.. they have it all.

A few things you may not know about NZ:

1. The New Zealand landscape looks a lot like parts of the UK, only on steroids! The mountains seem bigger, the lakes seem more blue, but…it rains just as much!

2. It is true, the Kiwi’s make amazing coffee even in the most random place like a petrol station in the middle of nowhere.

3. The kind of wine culture that Europeans have enjoyed for centuries, only really developed in NZ in the 1960’s and 70’s. A lot can happen in a short time!

4. There is a large Scottish presence in the South Island. Dunedin (a city in the very South) is the Gaelic name for Edinburgh and is referred to as ‘little Edinburgh’ by locals. Some people even walk around the streets in kilts and tams!

Anyway, if you fancy bringing a bit of the New Zealand South Island into your place, check out the items above!

Lucy x

PS. If you want to see some of my other pics from my NZ trip, check out my Instagram @style_by_lucy.

1. The Highland Bull print, Mashka at The Tab Collective | 2. Small concrete pendant light, Renate Vos at Clippings | 3. ‘Mountains through the trees’ pillow cover, Kurt Rahn at Society6 | 4. Remixed wallpaper REM-06, Arthur Slenk at Folklore | 5. Artificial wildflower with grass single stem, Just Artificial


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