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Bringing the Outside In: Millennium Park, Chicago

Outside In_Millenium Park

Hi All,

A few months ago we visited to Chicago for a holiday and we fell completely in love with the city!

Everybody will tell you the architecture is amazing. And you know what? They are telling the truth. There are so many different styles and they all sit together in harmony. There are also a number of black skyscrapers that I don’t feel like I had really seen before in any other city. Black steel with dark, tinted windows. Very sleek and cool, indeed.

This image above is taken on the walkway that takes you through Millennium Park in the area known as ‘The Loop’. It will come as no surprise to find out that the park was built to celebrate the new millennium fifteen years ago. There is an incredible outdoor monument designed by Anish Kapoor that looks like a very large, mirrored bean. Like a shiny kidney-shaped legume. When you stand in front of it, it acts as a fun house mirror. I can’t tell you how may people with selfie sticks were taking pics of themselves looking rather grotesque.

I really recommend Chicago as a place to visit. The people are friendly, the food is amazing (deep dish pizza anyone?) and the jazz scene is probably the best in the world. I have so many more Chicago pics to share with you in the coming months.

If you want to bring Millennium Park into your place, check out the items above!


1. Art Deco wardrobe, Charlie Roe | 2. Platinum Silver cushion cover, West Elm | 3. Menu Pepe Marble Mirror, Amara | 4. ‘W’ light, Graphic Collection at Delightfull | 5. Arcade Teal Chenille weave fabric, Kirkby Designs.


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