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Bringing the Outside in: Milan


Main image photography: Lucy Gough

I went to the Salone del Mobile (otherwise known as the Milan furniture fair) earlier this year and absolutely fell in love with the city.

The thing I loved most of all were the balcony and roof gardens everywhere you turned. If you looked up, almost every apartment had a garden in their tiny outdoor space. Amazing! That’s the way it should be, if you ask me.

If you want to bring a bit of Milan into your place, check out the items above!


1. Forever sofa, Se` | 2. Babylon pendant light, Lumigado | 3. Linen Bath robe, Linen Works | 4. Chalky white paint effect, Rust-Oleum, B&Q | 5. Anchorage linen curtains, Anthropologie | 6. Kabino storage unit, Normann Copenhagen.


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