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Bringing the outside in: Lisbon


Lisbon, Portugal is one of my favourite places I have ever visited. The ‘world’s largest outdoor tile museum’ is a vibrant and bohemian city full of colour and pattern where ever you look. When we weren’t eating Pasteis de natas (definitely plural), we visited all the beautiful sights that Lisbon has to offer.

One of the most remarkable was the Monument to the Discoveries on the Tagus river which honours the Portuguese explorers during the 15th and 16th centuries. It is HUGE! (Yes, that’s me in front of the monument…) It was built in the late 1950s and was constructed in cement and rose-tinted stone and they used limestone for the statues on top.

If you happen to go there yourself, make sure you visit Pasteis de Belem. It’s a short walk and sells THE best Portuguese tarts you’ll ever try. If you’re a Sydneysider, head to Sweet Belem in the Inner West- they are superb!

If you want to bring a little slice of Belem into your home then take a look at the below:

1. Sand brown CS bike, Tokyo Bikes, 2. Stone vessels, Trunk, 3. Padua Cobalt, Designers Guild, 4. Plaster bust, Kathy Dalwood, 5. Concrete Wallpaper, Lime Lace at Not on the High Street


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