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Bringing the Outside In: Crosslands


I grew up in Australia in a place called Hornsby about 25kms (15.5 miles) north of the Sydney CBD. It was the most wonderful place to grow up. Lovely people, wide open spaces, half an hour to the beach, half an hour to the coast, 40 mins into town. Perfect for kids really. I still have so many wonderful friends and family there and I always go and stay when I go back to Oz for a holiday.

One place that holds a number of beautiful memories is a place called Crosslands. Crosslands is a reserve where we would go with family for picnics, bush walks and canoe trips down the river. When I went back at Christmas, I took Kristina to show her the spot where these memories took place! We sat down next to the river by the rope swing and listened to…nothing. There was not a sound. Peace and quiet was all we found. The occasional jumping fish out of the water, but it was just the kind of place we needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I hope you find some inspiration from the items above- these products would work perfectly together in the kitchen/dining room at your place!


1. Sadl stool, LMBRJK at Clippings | 2. Mano low oak cabinet, Habitat | 3. Green pendant light, Pia Wusternberg at Heal’s | 4. Terra.cotto oval saucepot, Conran Shop | 5. Cubix rug, Wovenground.


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