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Bringing the Film in: Midnight in Paris

Outside in_Midnight in Paris

Hi All,

This week’s ‘Bringing the Film in’ is of the wonderful movie Midnight in Paris, directed by Woody Allen. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy watching Owen Wilson in a serious role but he didn’t disappoint! It was such a charming film. I think I may even have watched it twice.

It’s the story of a couple – Gil and Inez when they travel to Paris with Inez’s parents. Gil is a successful Hollywood writer but struggling to write his first novel and feels that it will be the best place for inspiration as he is lured by the glamour, romance and beauty of the historic city. The film goes between current-day and golden-age 1920’s Paris in a very clever way.

It’s well worth a watch, and if you want to bring a bit of the film into your home then check out the items I’ve sourced above!

Enjoy! x

Image credit:

1. Acacia Rug, Woven | 2. Royal Sapphire emulsion wall paint, Wickes [Buy One Get One Free on all Wickes Colour @ Home and Dulux Coloured Emulsion paint until Sunday 21st Feb.] | 3. Bonbon side table by Luca Nichetto for Verreum | 4. ‘The Box and the Cube’ Modular stools, Lina Furniture |  5. Euphoria cushion cover, Amazon.


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