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Bringing the Film In: Australia

Film In_Australia

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Hi All,

So, this one is a controversial one. I personally LOVED the film Australia, (the one directed by Baz Luhrmann in 2008) but I know so many people didn’t. People said it was too long, Nicole was too stiff, it was too ‘hyperreal’- but I thought it was visually stunning. I loved that people around the world were getting an insight into the lives of Australian Aboriginals in 1939, and I suppose, well, it’s because I am Australian and it made me feel proud to be from a place with such incredibly diverse landscape. The contrast between the amazing natural harbours and the dry, arid plains in the outback. What an amazing place!

There’s no denying the film could have ended about 30 minutes earlier and it still would have had the same impact. But, I still thought it was a winner.

This image from the film is of an Aboriginal Elder standing in ‘The Never-Never’. The most remote part of the continent. Look at all that texture! The picture of the cracked paint on his body, his woven clothes and the dry, fractured earth is incredibly striking. If only the earth could talk- imagine the stories is would tell!

If you want to bring a bit of the Australian Never-Never into your place then see the items above!


1. Mobile chandelier 10, Michael Anastassiades at Aram Store | 2.’Yawulyu’ acrylic painting on canvas, by Janet Long Nakamarra at Aboriginal Art Store | 3. Bourbon vintage desk, | 4. Concrete wallpaper, Piet Boon at Rockett St George | 5. Aston cord armchair, Minotti.


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