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Brabantia #Lovecolour 123


Since becoming a mum four months ago, I never realised how much a decent bin would be so necessary! The amount of nappies we go through is insane. We really need a large, spacious bin that can hold a full size garbage bag and one that obviously looks great aesthetically.

And as I get older I am finding myself willing to pay more for things so I they don’t break and  I can keep them for longer. You get what you pay for, right? My mother-in-law always says ‘buy cheap, buy twice!’

Brabantia bins are the best quality bins that we could find. And luckily for us they are started a campaign called #LoveColour and they have an abundance of beautiful hues to choose from. Mint green, yellow, pale pink, red, blue, black, silver, white….

We went for the 40L pedal bin in mineral blue. It’s tall, strong, sleek and goes perfectly with our house and our nursery in particular. I know it’s the kind of bin that I will take from house to house if we move as I know it will last a lifetime (although who knows what the state of our house will be when Arthur starts crawling?! I’m sure a lot of our lovely possessions will be smashed up along the way- eek!). Our new bin also has a flat back so it fits nice and snug into the wall. Who knew I could be so pleased with a bin?

No longer are bins just receptacles in which to place your rubbish, they are design features too! Having so many colours, sizes and shapes to choose from is brilliant from an interior styling point of view. Check out their collection here!



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